"Live Theatre for Children  
 with Children" and more... 
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IMC's Mission:
To provide children of all ages access and opportunity to view and engage in the magical experience of live theatre. Young children will have an opportunity to be an active participant throughout the live theatre experience. Original, interactive classic children's theatre professionally produced that is best appreciated by children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old.
IMC's Vision:
In a world where staged movies and spectacles are passed off as theatre, Imagination Creation Theatre Productions seeks to become a leader in the creation of new works of true meaningful theatre for young people. IMC will use the strength of theatre to educate, as well as touch hearts, open minds and encourage the power of the imagination and the use of critical thinking. Our works strive to strengthen communities and always display the moral high ground. Recognizing that children are the theater audiences of tomorrow, we are committed to presenting an enjoyable experience that opens the doors of theatre to young people, inviting them to explore new opportunities.
This excellence applies in any and all projects undertaken by IMC; children's theatre, family theatre, seasonal entertainment, or voice over work. Our production value, creativity and presentation is second to none.

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